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Summertime Fun

I can not believe it is already the middle of July. The sun is out, the lake is at the perfect temperature and all the gardens are in full bloom, along with all the wild berries. Wild berry crops are quite plentiful this year, I hope you’ve had the chance to indulge in at least a few handfuls of saskatoons! I suspect the raspberries will be perfect for picking before too long.

It is, of course, likely the busiest season at the lake, especially on the weekends. Numerous hours are spent on the water, accompanied by lots of other boats and friends (remember to play safe!). One of our best things to do in the summer months is to hit the water in the early evening, right at dusk. You can pretty much also count on the water being glass-like as the wind calms down for the night – great for skiing or knee-boarding. Sitting around the campfire until the moon comes up (or much later!) will feel great after a late night dip.

If you’ve had enough fun on the water and are looking to spend some time away from the lake, check out the Parkland Tourism website – There are lots of ideas for day trips, self-guided tours, great events to attend, and so on. With so much to see and do, theres no chance of ever being bored in this part of the province! 

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